With your admission ticket you will receive:

+ A delicious lunch and refillable beverages

+ A beautiful "Swag Bag" full of resources and goodies! (The speakers and I will be sharing tons of information so I strongly suggest that you also bring your own journal for note taking as well.)

+ Exclusive access to the 2017 MORSELS & MENTORSHIP VIDEO TEACHINGS AND THE 2015 eMErge™ LIVE Master Class Online Membership Area. This membership area will give you access to my personal resource vault of audio training's and PDF downloads to help you take your learning experience to the next level.

In the Online Membership Site you'll receive all the following BONUSES: 

- ALL the VIDEO TEACHINGS FROM Morsels & mentorship 2017 and the Mp3 Recordings from the day of the 2015 Master Class ($147 Value)

- "5 tips to get focused and finished" Audio Class - This audio teaching is one of my favs! In it I share 5 tips to help you get the guts you need to get focused and get it done. Because thinking about something is not the same as actually doing something. We can create ideas all day long in our minds. No one ever has a shortage of ideas! But eventually we must DO something. We must walk out those God given plans. This audio teaching is sure to help you hone in on your action plan to get to the finish line! ($25 Value) 

- "Tips to get off the emotional roller coaster" Audio Class - This quick teaching has invaluable content to help you get control of your feelings and external factors to avoid emotional decisions. In this audio you will discover: Why your “feelings” should never be a basis for making decisions. How training your mind to look at the BIG picture leads to better decision making. Why even our good emotions can lead us into destructive decisions if we don’t manage them properly. Three questions to ask yourself to avoid overreacting and making decisions you will regret later. ($25 Value) 

- "Get your drive back!" Audio Class - In this tele-class you will discover how you can reawaken the passion and drive that is already inside of you (oh believe me – its there!), how to stop wrestling with doubt and get the courage to go after your dreams, how you can end the “workaholic” mentality and finish the things that count and much, much more! ($25 Value) 

- "Love + Lost = Let It Go!" Audio Class - This training class I shoot straight from the hip on love and relationships. I share powerful information that will help you release resentment and embrace the true meaning of love. This class includes reflection questions you can use to help you evaluate your relationships. ($25 Value) 

- "7 Confessions to Conquer Fear" Poster - This downloadable PDF will confirm the power of your words! Recite these confessions daily to help you harness your God-given power! (PRICELESS!) 

- By now you already know that I'm a total book worm so I will be sharing my recommended reading list that includes books on my annual MUST RE-READ list! Don't forget TRUE leaders are readers!

- "Should I or Shouldn't I Incorporate?" In this audio training I will be sharing information on the different types of business formations (Corporations, Sole Proprietorship's, Partnerships, etc.) along with the pros and cons of each one. I'll be sharing VITAL tips on what you need to do to protect your baby (a.k.a - your business) and what steps you can to take to begin setting your business up for success. ($47 Value) 

That's nearly $500 worth of training's and bonuses for the small price of your ticket!



Trying to decide if Morsels & Mentorship is right for you? Check this out...


If any of the following statements describe you, then Morsels & Mentorship IS for you:

- You’ve felt the tug to pursue your dream, but just don’t know where to start.

- There’s a voice inside you calling you to be more, but you’ve let others to talk you out of it in the past.

- You know you’re meant for something more and want to find the courage to pursue it.

- You’re too afraid to pursue your calling because you’ve failed in the past and don’t want to go through that again.

- You are ready to take full responsibility for where you are now and where you know you can go in the future.

- You are tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel - exerting energy but going nowhere.

- You are open to a new way of looking at life and business and you are ready to work hard to reach your goals.

- You know that you need to deepen your relationship with God but don't know where to start.


If any of the following statements describe you, then Morsels & Mentorship is NOT for you:

- You’re already pursuing your calling and realizing the success you’ve always dreamed of.

- You’re not able to find at least an hour each day to engage with the material that will be presented.

- You’re unwilling to do the hard work of pursuing what you’ve been called to do.

- You get defensive easily and don't receive feedback and critiques well.

- You're not ready to focus and possibly expose some areas that need improvement.

- You just want to ask questions but not really DO anything right now.

- You're NOT ready to take responsibility for your own results and progress by actually doing the work.


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